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5 reasons to book with an ACMG Certified Guide

ACMG Guide snowshoe tour

Yervana Local, Nathalie, here! I’m excited to share with you what it means to me to be an ACMG Certified Guide and my top 5 reasons for why you should consider booking with one for your next backcountry outing!

What is an ACMG Guide?
ACMG stands for Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. It is the professional association of trained and certified guides, who encourage safe and responsible outdoor exploration when on skiing, hiking, and climbing adventures. 

These certified guides are highly skilled outdoors people who are here to make your time in our wild mountains safe and most enjoyable. And yes they do much more than “just hiking” with you the day you are outdoors! 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider booking with a certified ACMG guide.

1. Guided by ACMG Standards

We are members of the ACMG – Association of Canadian Mountain Guides – a reputable Association with very high safety standards from which we have obtained our recognized certification. To be kept, this certification requires regular training updates and Continuous Professional Development. We also have to do a recertification of our 80 Hour Wilderness First Aid every 3 years!

2. Safety First

Our guests’ safety is our first and foremost concern. We are trained in Wilderness First Aid so should an emergency arise, we are prepared. We have lots of firsthand experience with the backcountry which means we know where the bad weather comes from, how fast it travels and how it could affect each of us. We are always prepared with a plan B, C or D!

We are also very knowledgeable in what everyone should be wearing – head to toe and for each season of the year – and what to bring for the care and safety of others.

3. ACMG Community Connection

As an ACMG guiding community, we share a lot of information with each other on areas or trail conditions, access, relevant training etc.. Many of them are experienced professionals for many years already and we feel privileged we have access to this wealth of information.

4. Vast Outdoor Experience

Knowledgeable ACMG certified local guides have a lot of outdoors experience. When we are not guiding our guests, we are out there having fun and practicing our favorite mountain sports all year round!

5. Passionate about the Environment

ACMG guides are passionate about nature, our parks and our environment! During each of our trips, we will be sharing with you interpretive bits on what surrounds us so you see it with new eyes and learn a lot of new things and hopefully fall in love with it! It feels rewarding for us when we can empower you with what we know so in turn, you can share with others.

Ready for an Adventure?

Next time you’re in the Banff area and looking to explore the backcountry on snowshoes, consider joining me on one of my Adventures – I even serve a hearty cheese fondue dinner!

Located elsewhere? Find an ACMG certified guided Adventure in your area! Check out all of Adventures available so you can start safely exploring your wild backyard.


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