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7 Tips for Capturing Amazing Adventure Photos this Winter

Capturing magical winter moments has never been easier, thanks to the handy pocket sized camera we all carry around with us everywhere we go – our phones! 

From the snowy to the spontaneous, winter brings with it beautiful snow-capped landscapes and a return of some of our favourite Adventures. As the snow begins to fall, all of our favourite hidden gems get transformed into a magical winter wonderland. 

Here are our 7 tips on how to beautifully capture photos of all your winter adventures! 

1. Keep is cozy

To ensure your phone battery lasts as long as possible try to keep it warm while you’re out exploring. When you’re not using your phone, keep it in your pocket. Only take your phone out when you’re ready to capture the moment.

2. Rule of thirds

The Rule of Thirds is the best known “rule” of photographic composition and it’ll instantly improve your winter photography. The easiest way to do this is to go into your camera settings and turn the grid setting on. Now when you go out and take photos, try to put the points of interest in the intersecting grid lines!

Photo tip from our #yervana community

“I usually try to frame a photo with trees to add depth against the white of the snow. I wear a bright color, usually my orange atom to stand out.”

Instagram / @tracy_gall

3. Beat the winter blues

Do you ever find that your winter photos end up with underexposed blueish-grey snow? Bring out the beauty in the scene by adjusting your exposure!

You can adjust the exposure before you capture the moment by holding your finger down on your screen until you see an exposure slider. Use your finger to move the slider up and down until you see the snow turn into a dreamy white.

If you want to edit your photo afterwards, you can open your favourite photo editing app and bump up the exposure to bring out the vibrancy of the white snow.

4. Get creative

Do you want to take some unique winter images? If so, then you should try taking some close-ups.

Start by finding an interesting winter subject, such as snow-covered berries along the trail or some icicles! Get up close and manually focus by tapping the element of the photo that you want the camera to focus on. A yellow square will appear around your finger,  your phone will make sure that that part of the image stays sharp while blurring out the background.

5. Golden Hour Glow

The best time to take photos is during Golden Hour! About 30 minutes after the sunrises or before the sun sets! During this time the sun is lower in the sky so you can capture magical, golden light, long tree shadows, and stunning silhouettes.

Photo tip from our #yervana community

The best time to photograph snow is right after a fresh snowfall because then you avoid footprints in the shot. On that note, don’t walk through your shot before you take it… Again, foot prints!

Instagram / @kaitlynkarkanis

6. Get in the action

A fresh blanket of snow will turn any landscape into a bright, beautiful scene. And it’s the perfect opportunity to capture great action shots on the slopes or trails.

Do your winter plans include hitting the slopes? Get your ski buddy to capture you in the action using Burst mode! To use this mode you just need to touch the area on your screen where you want the focus to be and then hold down the shutter button to capture multiple images. You can then go back through and pick out the most epic ones!

Photo tip from our #yervana community

“When it comes to ski shots, we use the sports mode on our camera and just hold the shutter down to make sure we don’t miss out on the perfect shot. We then have a ton of options to chose from. We use Photoshop for our edits.

Most importantly, don’t forget the SD card in your computer (we’ve done that too many times)! As soon as you’re done transferring your pictures, put that card back in your camera ASAP!”

Instagram / @kimay71

7. Capture the flurries

Pro tip – if you’re out adventuring with an actual camera and you want to capture the snow falling down, use either manual or shutter priority mode to speed up shutter speed to freeze the snow in motion.

Your turn! We can’t wait to see what you capture…

Applying these tips will help you take your photos to the next level and the best way to learn is to take as many photos as you can! Get out there, snap away, and remember to share your winter adventures with us on social.

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