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Adventure in Your Backyard: Introducing the Yervana Staycation Series

Introducing the Yervana Staycation Series, your guide to staying local but keeping your travel spirits high! 

Each year we have 52 opportunities for epic weekend-long adventures. The Yervana Staycation Series is here to inspire you to escape the ordinary and explore the world around you, and we mean right around you, in your own backyard! We’re talking weekend trips within a drive, knocking off local bucket list items, and staying in a nearby cities that are calling you to explore. 

Throughout this series we will bring you staycation inspiration, guides to must-see destinations in BC and Alberta, road trip and weekend itineraries to help you plan, and a chance to win a staycation of your own!

Are you ready get off the beaten path and find adventure in your own backyard? Let’s go!

Get into the staycation state of mind with these 5 planning tips! 

1. Relax, Recharge, and Unplug

Vacations are all about getting away from your day-to-day responsibilities and creating space for that much needed you-time! Staycations are no different, give your staycation those vacation vibes by extending your weekend by a day or two when you can. Hitting that out-of-office reply will feel just as good before heading out on a local adventure as it does for jet setting halfway around the world, we promise!

2. Find a unique place to stay

Booking a night stay anywhere, whether it’s camping, a unique airbnb, or a hotel you’ve always wanted to visit, will also help you get out of your home routines and make it feel like you’re truly on a vacation. Changing your surroundings, even if those surroundings are just a quick drive away, will help you get in the right vacation mindset and escape, even for a few days.

3. Book in some Adventure

Here’s the fun part! Create an itinerary for your trip just as you would for any holiday. A staycation is the perfect time to finally check off some local bucket list items. Some things you might want to include in your staycation places are: local hot spots, tours and activities, hikes, or an active adventure!

If you want to book a unique experience, find a Yervana Local in your area who will take you on an off the beaten path adventure such as nordic skiing, snowshoeing with fondue, ice climbing (even for beginners!), or fat biking! Check what local adventures are happening in your staycation city.

4. Try some new local cuisine

Transport yourself to the location of your dream vacation through cuisine! Find a local restaurant that serves the dishes of your favourite places around the world to enjoy the taste of travelling. Dress up and dine in or order take out to enjoy your meal while you’re out exploring.

5. Capture the moments

Photos are the best vacation keepsakes so don’t forget to take some on your staycation as well! Make a day out of finding all those local insta-worthy lookouts and adventures to share. You can capture the local beauty you might typically overlook, get up early to photograph the sunrise, and/or snap some memorable shots while you’re out exploring local hidden gems.

Share your local adventures with us by tagging your photos with #MyBackyardAdventure on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page!

Wherever you live, there is bound to be plenty of interesting cultural and natural wonders within a drive of your home. Now it’s you’re turn to start planning your epic staycation, afterall travel isn’t about leaving our homes for far away place, but leaving our habits and living in the moment.

We can’t wait to see what you discover in your own backyard adventures!

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