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Yervana’s Commitment to Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Safety


Our Commitment 

We know that our company and users are part of a greater global community of Explorers and Locals, and we aim to provide an ethical, safe and supportive community and service for people leading an active lifestyle founded on safety, trust and responsibility.

Preparing Locals to Lead Adventures

Yervana Locals need to meet safety and training requirements set by the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, and our company safety and verification precautions, before we allow them to post and lead Adventures through our platform. Some Locals have their own independent business license, parks permits and insurance, and although these are not separated on the platform, every Local is insured and their qualifications are listed publicly in their profile.

We communicate directly with every Local who signs up, and lead them through the process to assess what they need in terms of skills and qualifications, first aid training, and insurance to safely and confidently lead an outdoor activity. Below is a list of basic requirements and coverage for Yervana Locals.

First Aid

All Yervana Locals obtain first aid certifications, the level increases depending on difficulty level and safety concerns of the Adventures they are hosting.

We encourage all of our Locals to have Wilderness First Aid, which is a 20-hour course covering general medical concepts, basic life support skills, and low-resource options for basic first aid treatments. Standard Wilderness First Aid is designed for outdoor enthusiasts on day trips and short adventures, offering relevant and realistic first aid training with an unparalleled focus on hands-on practice. The course includes the Red Cross 2 Day Standard First Aid Certification.


Every Yervana Local must apply for our insurance, which covers up to $2 million liability. This process includes being vetted by our underwriters and generally they must have Standard First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aid.

It is the combined responsibility of our company and Locals to ensure the necessary permits and insurance requirements are being met for Adventures, and we take safety precautions seriously.

Safety and Education Partners

As a company, it has always been our position to work collaboratively with the outdoor recreation community, including government and safety and regulation agencies and the excellent work of outdoor safety and education search groups in the areas we operate in. Below are some of our major partners.


AdventureSmart is a national prevention program focused on reaching Canadians, and visitors to Canada, who participate in outdoor recreational activities.

We are excited to be partnered with AdventureSmart, safety for our users is our top priority. From the outset we have aimed to be involved in safety awareness and outdoor education outreach, helping spread the “be prepared to be safe” message.

There are Yervana Locals who also volunteer with AdventureSmart, and on August, 16th 2018 we are co-hosting a safety awareness event at North Shore Search and Rescue base.

Coastal Wilderness Medical Training

Coast Wilderness Medical Training provides Wilderness First Aid training to our Locals, a requirement for the to become qualified to lead Adventures through Yervana. The instructors are medical professionals with real world experience.

Outdoor Vancouver

Outdoor Vancouver is an active hub for hiking and outdoors community in the area. They bring the latest news, events, hiking trail guides, company profiles, product info, and more to Vancouver’s outdoor recreation enthusiasts and endurance athletes. We have partnered with them to keep the public and people who live an active lifestyle informed about safety and hiking trails in BC.

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