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3 Tips for Creating an Authentic Adventure on Yervana

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3 Tips for Creating an Authentic Adventure on Yervana

Now more than ever, tourists and adventurers are craving authentic local experiences when they travel.

This is a trend highlighted in recent research from Destination Canada, “the pandemic has enhanced the desire to connect in meaningful ways with places visited and to create a symbiotic engagement between the host community and the visitors they want to attract.” In essence, explorers want to travel in a way that is unique and mutually beneficial for both the explorer, guide, and community.

To further help you create an authentic, off the beaten path adventure , we’ve put together three tips on creating these meaningful connections and experiences for your guests.

1. Be authentic, share your network

This one comes as no surprise, however, it’s worth bearing in mind. Explorers not only want to engage with the experience but with locals and the community that they’re visiting.

Tell them why you love the community, what brought you here or any historical connection you may have to the area. Recommend a local bar or restaurant to check out after their adventure or refer them to other activities and operators to explore while they’re in town.

2. Have fun!

Share your passion and stoke for your adventures with your explorers!

Recently, a few of us on the Yervana team went out with Local, Zachary, in Revelstoke to try out ice fishing. We’d never met in person before but he made a comment that he was having a ton of fun out on the ice with us. It really made it feel like we were with a new friend showing us the ins and outs of ice fishing rather than a paid guide just doing his job. His excitement and positive attitude rubbed off on us and we didn’t want to stop fishing!

3. Chat about sustainability

The newest Destination Canada research suggests that travellers are caring more and more about their ecological footprints while visiting communities. They refer to this trend as ‘responsible travel’ which includes “supporting local economies, engaging with local cultures, reducing carbon emissions and enabling environmental conservation”. 

Share the ways in which you are passionate about conservation and maintaining our environment so all can continue to enjoy it. Educate your guests in a non-judgmental way on sustainable practices such as leave no trace behind.

Do you have guests are looking for info on how you and Yervana are supporting the environment? Let them know that for every explorer booking an adventure in British Columbia, $2 goes towards the BC Parks Foundation!

Here’s to authentic adventures!

We’re excited to see you put these tips into action on your adventure! Not a Yervana Local yet? Check out our How to Become a Yervana Local page for all the details!


Maxine works with guides and operators to ensure that their Yervana Adventures stand out, and helps Explorers to get outdoors on unique, locally-led adventures. Currently living in Nelson, B.C., Maxine loves to spend time outside climbing as much as she can in the summer!

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