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What is a Local?

Yervana locals are outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers who enjoy connecting with new people. Their expertise and local knowledge allows them to host off-the-beaten-path Adventures! The main goal is to have a great time outside, but our Locals also prioritize safety and environmental sustainability.

How Can I Become a Local?

Yervana requires that every Local has the necessary qualifications, insurance, and permits required to host their Adventures. We work with small businesses who already have their own certifications, but we also help individuals get started with everything they need.

If you’re interested in becoming a Yervana Local, fill out the application below and we’ll contact you shortly!

Why Choose Yervana

Whether you’re an individual looking to earn some extra cash from your passion or a small business in need of more exposure, Yervana has you covered!

Permits in Alberta & BC
Access to $2M Insurance Coverage
Calendar & Booking System
Secure Online & App Payment Processing
No Monthly Listing Fees
In-app Messaging with Explorers
Platform-Wide Marketing
Support Creating Valuable Adventures

Individuals / Local Guides

For guides or individuals who’d like to host Adventures via Yervana and don’t yet have all the necessary documents to operate. Submit your details here to get started and find out how we can help.

Relevant Certifications / Qualifications
Permits to operate

Small / Medium Businesses

For local businesses who are ready to go with both insurance and permits. You may be an individual operating as a business or work with a small team. Let us know about your adventure offerings to start listing with Yervana.

Relevant Certifications / Qualifications
Permits to operate
Business insurance

Watch to discover how Yervana co-markets Adventures to help you succeed

Meet Our Locals

Francois Xavier Gagnon
Outdoor Guide & Educator

Without the encouragement and support of Yervana, I wouldn’t jump headfirst into starting a new Canyoning business. With Yervana, I don’t feel alone in my venture, and feel that Yervana works hard to open doors and promote me.  Our authentic and organic relationship is a great example of sustainable adventure tourism where everybody wins from growing together.

mike macwilliams
Michael MacWilliams
Professional Guide, Canadian Wilderness Adventures

From our initial contact with Yervana to setup of activities on the Yervana platform, the process was seamless with ongoing support from a dedicated Yervana staff member and easy communication with travellers.

Before, and even more so now in our new normal, the Yervana platform delivers a much needed opportunity for travellers to get away from the crowds and enjoy true local experiences with area outdoor professionals.


As a starting point, all Locals need to have a minimum of 20 hours in Wilderness First Aid training. Additional certification requirements depend on the activity and area you’re hosting in. Submit an application and our team will look into the other certifications you need.

As a small business, you already have the necessary certifications, insurance, and permits to host your Adventures. Yervana needs copies of these for our records and to verify they are valid.

For small businesses and professional guides who already have insurance, we take a 15% fee on all completed bookings.

For individuals hosting Adventures, if you don’t already have your own insurance, we charge an annual administrative fee of $250, plus 25% on all completed bookings. This goes towards the cost of listing you on our insurance policy that covers you for front country activities. Our team can give you more details on this when you submit your Local application.

Yervana caters to Explorers looking for local, active outdoor Adventures. We encourage our Locals to be creative when they’re building Adventures. Yervana Explorers are looking for experiences they can’t find anywhere else!

For individuals, our permits and insurance require our Adventures to be low-risk, single-day activities. Some of the activities include: Hiking, Biking and Cycling, Flatwater Canoeing & Kayaking, Swimming, Fishing, Boating, Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Photography, Wildlife Viewing and Nature Discovery, Educational and Training, and anything in between!

For small businesses, the skies the limit! With your valid certifications and insurance you can post almost anything: Multi-day Backpacking, ATV’ing, Back-country Skiing, Rock Climbing and Mountaineering, and much more!

For individuals using the Yervana permits, we have various permits throughout Alberta and BC. We’re working with Alberta and BC Provincial Parks, Crown land, and Public land holders to expand our available areas. Submit an application with your desired location and we’ll let you know if it’s available. If it’s not, we can start the permitting process.

As a small business you can host Adventures anywhere you have permits!

After you have applied to become a Local, you can create your profile and start building Adventures. Before anything is posted online, your qualifications and Adventures must be reviewed by Yervana.

Interested in learning more? If you have more questions, please check out our extensive resource center or reach out to our team.

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