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5 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Next Team Adventure with Yervana


5 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Next Team Adventure with Yervana

Company adventures are far more than just putting together a luncheon for facetime with one another. The Yervana Corporate Adventures program is tailored towards industry trends to ensure your latest reconnect leaves a lasting impact on your employees and on the local community you adventure with. 

As companies continue to build ways to further support small businesses, Yervana local experts work to create an event that directly supports the brick and mortar of the adventure industry. 


Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider booking a Yervana Corporate Adventure:

1. Fully curated team experiences

Our team of outdoor event experts will work with you to curate the perfect adventure for your team. Starting with finding the perfect outdoor adventure options, coordinating transportation, booking locally-sourced meals and beverages, and providing you with an adventure day itinerary to share with the team!

2. Year round adventure options for everyone

Not just a one-and-done experience, enjoy all seasons with Yervana by booking with us and being the first to know about the latest new trends and team building activities year-round! 

There is something for everyone in the great outdoors – Yervana experts know how to pick activities that best suit your team’s needs and skill level. All adventures are fully catered to ensure each team member is comfortable, challenged and highly engaged throughout the activity.

3. Support local

Yervana is a Canadian startup catered towards small and local businesses and guides. Every aspect of the corporate adventure is booked with a local company including catering from local bakeries, restaurants, breweries, wineries and cideries, transportation, and stays. 

Our goal is to not only support the adventure community, but a full range of local and small businesses in each Yervana Corporate Adventure package.

4. Safety first

Keeping everyone safe is our highest priority! Which is why every Yervana Local is fully vetted by our team and are required to be fully certified and insured in their adventure area.

5. Authentic Indigenous tour operators

Looking to give your team the opportunity to connect and learn from Indigenous Peoples through authentic cultural experiences? Yervana is humbled to work hand in hand to continue to bridge the gap and honour the original peoples in whose land we are privileged to work and play on. 

Booking a team adventure with an authentic Indigenous tour operator offers your team a deeper learning and understanding of Canada’s rich and full history.


Start planning your next team Adventure!

Tell us about your company to help us plan an epic out-of-office day for your team. We'll be in touch shortly with some suitable adventures.

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