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Winter Woes: Find Your Way Back to Balance

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By Natalie Hadley

The Story

Large, fluffy snowflakes were falling in slow motion around our car as my sister and I made our way North of Pemberton. We were ready for a snowy jaunt through the woods on our snowshoes.

But why would we bother facing the snow? The record-setting snow? And with it being my first time on snowshoes? Well, we had a serious case of the winter woes, and we were looking for a way back to balance!

After a few hours, we found ourselves turning onto a logging road. I was starting to get in my head. I was wondering,

Why in the world are we heading this far off the grid to find a specific campground? Couldn’t we have just tented closer to the city?

Right at that moment, we got stuck.

Of course this happened to us! Two chicks driving around the woods looking for an exciting, blood-pumping adventure outside the city. Stuck. Not moving. And we just started laughing. The fluffy flakes were still falling, the air was crisp, and we were in our own slice of heaven.

Getting stuck was a gift!

We were forced to re-centre, breathe, appreciate each other, and take in the environment around us.

We ended up finding a different campground and continuing to explore instead of turning back for home. Although not our first choice of hike, this option didn’t disappoint us. While exploring, I was in awe of how beautiful and peaceful everything was. I could feel my winter blues beginning to clear out.

The winter months can feel isolating, so to combat my cabin fever I set off on my first snowshoe adventure. That trip helped me find my balance, and since then I’ve found as many opportunities as possible to get out and about during our coldest season.

After years of discovery, here are some of my personal recommendations to help find balance during the long winter months!

Find a way to get out of the city and into nature.

  • Bring snacks that make you happy.
  • I recommend trail mix, fruit, protein bars, and a beer for the summit!

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Bring a friend along for the ride.

  • Time spent present in relationships is fulfilling. This goes beyond the like-for-like we give each other on our devices. Plus, if Mr. Bear decides to join us for midday snack, the chances of survival are much higher!

Ensure you find a work-life balance.

  • For me, this means engaging in awesome experiences, while also finding value in work. This balance makes it possible for me to enjoy myself and those around me in the most positive ways possible- with no stress or distractions.

Yervana Insight: we aim to bring the connection, excitement, and peace of mind we experience while exploring nature to each part of our lives. To do that, we start with finding work-life balance. Although the work-life balance definition is different for everyone (and it can be hard to find), the body and mind is where it starts.

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Give yourself goals.

  • For example, each week I give myself an exercise goal (this brings me some ‘life’ balance). Sometimes I’ll head to the gym and other times I’ll take a weekend to go snowshoeing!

Throughout the course of each year, I remind myself to focus on collecting shared experiences and moments. By making the decision to get outside, take a moment, breathe, and appreciate the beauty of my backyard, I find my days spent in the city less mundane. Snowshoeing has become my way to open myself to the depths of winter and explore my own personal summit. Don’t take my word for it – just go try it! Start today. Rent a pair of snowshoes from MEC and get trail blazin’! I almost guarantee you’ll discover your balance.

Natalie is an outdoor enthusiast who loves fitness, health and wellness, and the mountains! Follow her adventures on Instagram.

Yervana can help you escape your winter blues!

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